Why many marketing directors still use their subjective opinion to justify what advertising content will be effective?

There could be several reasons why.

1. Lack of data: In some cases, marketing directors may not have access to sufficient data or research to make objective decisions about advertising content. Without data-driven insights and analytics, subjective opinions may seem like the only available basis for decision-making.

2. Limited resources: Marketing departments might face resource constraints, including limited budgets or time constraints. Conducting comprehensive research or running extensive testing may not always be feasible, leading to a reliance on subjective opinions as a quick and cost-effective alternative.

3. Creative expertise: Marketing directors often have years of experience and expertise in the industry. They may trust their instincts and rely on their creative judgment to assess what might resonate with the target audience. While subjective opinions can provide valuable insights, they should ideally be combined with data and audience research.

4. Emotional bias: Human beings are susceptible to personal biases and preferences. Marketing directors are no exception. They may be influenced by their personal tastes, preferences, or biases, which can shape their subjective opinions about what they perceive as effective or engaging advertising content.

While subjective opinions can provide valuable insights, it is essential to strike a balance by incorporating objective measures and data-driven decision-making into the advertising process.

A combination of qualitative and quantitative research, audience analysis, A/B testing, and leveraging analytics can help validate subjective opinions and ensure more effective advertising strategies.

By relying on a mix of subjective and objective approaches, marketing professionals can make more informed and data-backed decisions that align with the goals and preferences of their target audience.

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