Get Customers on TikTok Like a Pro

Get Customers on TikTok Like a Pro

Get Customers on TikTok Like a Pro

[Tiktok Lead Generation 101]

You created your first lead generation campaign on TikTok, woohoo! Use these tips to help get even better results, and stay tuned for more best practices delivered to your inbox.


Tip #1: Add variety to your campaigns

Create at least three Ad Groups with varied targeting and creatives to see what works best.

Tip #2: Find your ideal audience

Use Auto Targeting to optimize your targeting and delivery settings according to your objective, location, past campaign data, and more.

Use custom audiences to prospect new users, retarget users familiar with your ads, or exclude users that already submitted a Lead Generation form.

Broaden your reach with Targeting Expansion and attract interested audiences based on your preferences.

Tip #3: Set the right budget

Set the Ad Group daily budget at 20-30 times the bid. Avoid changing your bid and budget too often, and increase it when your cost per action (CPA) is consistently lower than your bid.

Tip #4: Get creative with your creatives

Use a range of creative options (3-5 per ad group), and make sure your ads are in portrait mode with sound, subtitles, and a clear call-to-action.

Refresh your ad creative every 5-7 days to avoid fatigue. Even a small music, text, or CTA change can help!

Show different ads to the same target audience or the same ads to different target audiences to give you insights into what works.

Tip #5: Put your best form forward

If using an Instant Form, try not to exceed six questions and add pictures of your product or service in the header and footer. If using your website form to optimize for lead quality, add more qualifying questions.

Tip #6: Pass the learning phase faster

TikTok’s learning phase is five days. To pass quickly, try increasing your daily budget to 50x the bid, or broadening your target audience. Still struggling to pass? Turn off the campaign and start over with new creatives or try lowest cost bidding.

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